Charlotte MacMillan-Scott is an Illustrator and Designer based in East London.

A self-taught artist, she was inspired to take up drawing again after completing a Screen Printing workshop at The Print Club in London where she became a member soon after.  Whilst there she learnt to take her hand-drawn designs from digital to print, producing several editions, some of which were exhibited at Studio73 in Brixton.

Charlotte's bold use of colour and highly stylised designs evoke a sense of adventure and wanderlust.  Her playful, almost graphic-like illustrations inspire those that are curious about the world and she often sets out to create a statement in a room through her strong sense of composition.  Usually taking a more abstract or cartoon-like approach, her designs are taken from her imagination, which can sometimes run a little wild...

Charlotte creates designs for stationery, clothing, branding and for her popular wall prints.

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